About Us

AR Cupboards is a family run business established in the year 2000, known to our clients for our unique designs custom made to fit the lifestyles of each client individually.

Our creative design team boasts a wide range of tastes from country style, shabby chic to timeless and the slick modern day trends.

Our designs aim to capture the architectural language created on the exterior, carrying out the same sense of style throughout your home. AR Cupboards boasts a team of highly skilled craftsmen most experienced in the field of manufacturing.

We know how important family are therefore each client is given our full undivided attention by each designer respectively


Built-in Cupboards

We design and fit all types of built-in cupboards, kitchens, vanities and bars as well as novelty items such as floating shelves, custom-made wall units, designed to meet your bespoke requirements.

Custom-Made Furniture

If you are looking for a particular piece of furniture to go with your decor, we can craft it to your exact requirements. We have worked with everyone from Interior Designers to home makers to design particular pieces that fit a bespoke request.